Ict Powerpoint Homework

I was trawling the net the other day, looking for stuff to contribute to our ICT PD Cluster Social Network site, and I came across a few guys talking about \'ideas\' for ICT across the curriculum. Andrew Field had set up a forum where educators were sharing their ideas to add to a \'basket\' of ideas called \'Effective ICT In The Classroom, 60 ICT ideas in 60 minutes.\" The results were fantastic, and I thought it would be cool to turn them into a video that would make it easier to share the ideas... here\'s my contribution to 60 ideas in 60 minutes. Thanks to all those contributors whose ideas are shown here... I threw in few of my own... You can visit the work here: http://www.effectiveict.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=1303&pid=2004&mode=threaded&start= Oh, and thanks REM for the music... So Fast, So Numb from the New Adventures in Hi-Fi album. © Check out out NING - http://horizonictpd.ning.com/

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