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Inclusive Education Essay

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Personally I feel, that before attempting to find out whether our country understands and applies the concept of inclusion to its educational system, it is more adequate to try and understand the meaning of Inclusion, a complex issue which creates continuous debates. In the book Creating Inclusive Classrooms, J. Spencer Salend defines inclusion as :
“[…] a philosophy that brings diverse students, families, educators and community members together to create schools and other social institutions based on acceptance, belonging and community […] (Creating inclusive Classrooms, 2005, p.6)
As a result, inclusive education considers as from a young age, all students as full members of the school community including students with different…show more content…

Whereas, before few students with special needs managed to join higher or special education, more students are nowadays joining lower secondary schools while a number of others are proceeding even to tertiary education. Consequently, we cannot underestimate the fact that a lot of progress has been made in what regards inclusive education in Malta. Yet, we still seem to have a lot of uncertainties about this issue. According to studies done by Dr Andrew Azzopardi, :

‘Inclusion’ even in Malta is a contemporary debate in education that raises a great deal of discussion and argumentation but regrettably remains a dispassionate topic, with shallow exchanges.” (Career Guidance for persons with disability, 2008)

Therefore, the issue of inclusive education in Malta remains one that raises a number of questions such as: Do Maltese teachers, LSA’s and administrative staff really understand the concept of inclusive education? Are mainstream schools adequately equipped to welcome students with different needs? Are teachers acquainted to this idea and are LSA’s adequately trained to provide the necessary support? One thing that doubtlessly comes to mind when discussing inclusion, is the integration of students with special needs. As Dr Andrew Azzopardi suggests :


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Inclusive Education Essay

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What is inclusive education?

Inclusive education is concerned with the education and accommodation of ALL children in society, regardless of their physical, intellectual, social, or linguistic deficits. Inclusion should also include children from disadvantaged groups, of all races and cultures as well as the gifted and the disabled (UNESCO, 2003). Inclusion tries to reduce exclusion within the education system by tackling, responding to and meeting the different needs of all learners (Booth, 1996). It involves changing the education system so that it can accommodate the unique styles and way of learning of each learner and ensure that there is quality education for all through the use of proper resources, suitable curricula, appropriate…show more content…

Inclusive education also recognises that learning occurs both at home and in the community and therefore the support of parents, family and the community is vital (Department of Education, 2001). Truly inclusive schools understand the uniqueness of every child, that all children can learn and that all children have different gifts, strengths learning styles and needs. These schools then provide the appropriate means and support through which these needs can be met (UNESO, 2003)

The necessity for making schools and classrooms inclusive in South Africa

Inclusion has become a necessity in South Africa as South Africa has a history of violence and the education system has always been politicised and used by the ruling class as a way of marginalising and stigmatising various groups in society (De Lange, 1989). Inequalities in our society, lack of access to basic services and poverty are prevailing historical factors that place our children at risk and still lead to severe exclusion of children with barriers to learning (whether it be economic, social, intellectual, language, socio-economic or physical barriers) (UNESCO, 2005). Today there are still about two hundred and eighty thousand learners with disabilities or impairments that are not in any form of education (Department of Education, 2001). Inclusion is therefore necessary because all learners have a right to an education, to be accepted and given the

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