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Suzanne Chazin was born in Manhattan and raised in Tenafly, NJ, the only child of immigrants. Her father was born in Russia. Her mother was born and raised in England.
A former journalist, Suzanne is the award-winning author of two mystery series. Her first stars Georgia Sheehan, an FDNY firefighter-turned-fire investigator (The Fourth Angel, Flashover and Fireplay). Her second stars Jimmy Vega, an upstate NY homicide detective navigating the world of the undocumented (Land of Careful Shadows, A Blossom of Bright Light, No Witness But the Moon).
The Georgia Skeehan/FDNY series was inspired by Suzanne's husband who is a high-ranking chief in the FDNY. The Jimmy Vega series was inspired by Suzanne's work with Latino immigrants near her home in Westchester County, NY. A Blossom of Bright Light, book #2 in the series, was an Amazon "mystery pick of the month." Land of Careful Shadows, book #1, was chosen among the top five mystery books of 2016 by the American Library Association.


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