Admission Essay To Tulsa

In this short essay, the University of Tulsa is trying to understand why you want to come to this school in particular, among all other schools. As you write, you don’t want to speak in generalizations about how you are “excited to work with experienced professors” or that you are “looking forward to making new friends from different walks of life.” Those are things that you might do at any university. What does Tulsa have to offer that speaks to your interests and commitments?


To answer this question well, you will need to do some research into the resources and traditions that make the University of Tulsa unique. Maybe you are an aspiring history major with a drive to learn more about the tangle of international alliances that drove Europe into World War I? If so, you might mention that you are especially excited to dig through the Algot F. Carlson World War I Archives in the McFarlin Library’s Special Collections.


Maybe you are interested in engineering and like going outside to build things; you might talk about how you hope to join Tulsa’s top-ranked McDougall School of Petroleum Engineering. Or maybe there is a specific research program that you are excited to get involved in through the Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challenge.


Rather than discussing every single aspect of Tulsa that speaks to you, with only 250 words it is probably best to focus in on something specific. If you have taken the time to do your research and find an aspect of the University of Tulsa that speaks to you, the admissions committee will assume you have a sincere interest in coming to their university and will be more likely to offer you admission.


Best of luck with your essays!


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University of Tulsa 2017-18 Application Essay Question Explanations

The Requirements: 1 essay of 250 words, 1 short answer of 250 characters or less

Supplemental Essay Type(s): Why, Oddball

The University of Tulsa’s brief supplement is an opportunity for your creativity and writing skills to shine! No tricky prompts or lengthy essays here. Instead, admissions offers up two straightforward assignments. So allow yourself to bask in the simplicity of this supplement – but not for too long! You’ve still got to polish up those essays to perfection.

Why are you interested in The University of Tulsa? (Please limit your response to 250 words)

This question is as standard as they come. We’d recommend aiming to craft a few solid paragraphs, but before you start typing, set aside an hour or so to get familiar with the University of Tulsa. Dive into the school website (or better yet, visit the campus if you can!) and seek out the answers to your burning questions: What is your future major going to be like? Who are the faculty? What are your study abroad opportunities? What kinds of internships and jobs do people get? And what about all the extracurriculars? Keep notes on the most appealing aspects, and by the time you’re done, you’ll have a good base for your essay that will reflect your genuine interests. The last thing you want is to just echo the facts and figures on the admissions webpage (for one thing, admissions officers already know all of that stuff!). Be honest and try to draw connections between your interests. Does your love of math and enthusiasm for a cappella complement each other? Of course they do!

Please complete this sentence: My favorite inspirational quote is… (Please limit this quote to 250 characters.) Quote Attribution (100 characters):

We’ll be honest, if we had our way we probably wouldn’t let you introduce a quote this way. That said, we get what Tulsa is going for. Admissions frames this as a sentence written in the first person to show you that they really want you to speak from the heart. If you were talking to a friend, what would you say? Rather than agonizing over what you think they want to hear, set a timer for five minutes and jot down everything you can think of. No idea is too silly; just trust your gut! Although the quote should be “inspirational” it doesn’t have to be famous, so let your memory roam. Recall the poems that have stuck with you, your favorite Harry Potter passages, the little sayings your Grandpa used to repeat over and over. Whose words have touched you? Although you’ll be using someone else’s words, this is still an opportunity for you to reveal something new about who you are, what you value, or where you come from.

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