Anti Political Dynasty Essay Topics

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“Essay on the Political Dynasty in the Philippines”

degree cousin. The rest are either second degree or half cousin. Of the 12, only one not related to Jesus

by blood was Judas Iscarion who betrayed the Lord.”


What he was trying to imply is that dynasties are

built on trust. And family is always what you can trust on. As the saying goes, “blood is thicker thanwater.” With the stable s

ense of trust, a leader can effectively and efficiently administer and supervise hisconstituents without fear of criticism or betrayal. That is one advantage of political dynasties.

With the incoming national elections, we are reminded that truly, most of the politicians are related toone another, either by blood or by affinity. And by choosing qualified national and local leaders, wemust consider if the good of being ruled by the same family outweighs the dangers and disadvantages of political dynasties. This is another case of tradition versus progressiveness, traditional versus liberal wayof thinking.

The author’s stand is that political dynasties should be prohibited.

Political dynasties should be prohibited for the reasons that: 1) It is expressly prohibited in Sec. 26, Art. IIof the 1987 Constitution, thereby making it unlawful and unconstitutional and; 2) Political dynastiesblurs the concept of democracy.The framers of the 1987 Constitution, realizing the growing power and influence of political dynasties,

incorporated this provision. “The State shall guarantee equal access to opportunities for public service

and prohibit political dynasties, as may be defined by law



Commissioner Sarmiento explained therationale of the provision:


including this provision, we widen the opportunities of competent, young and promising poorcandidates to occupy important positions in the government. While it is true we have governmentofficials who have ascended to power despite accident of birth, they are exceptions to the general rule.The economic standing of these officials would show that they come from powerful clans with vast

economic fortunes.”



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