Charity Begins At Home Short Essay On Pollution

Charity Begins At Home.

Charity Begins At Home. :

Charity means willingness to help others. Helping those who are really in need is a rare and good quality indeed. People are often reluctant to help other. They care only for themselves or their nearest and dearest. They are selfish people who do not know what charity is. There are others who spend huge sums of money on charitable institutions but pay no attention to their poor relatives or near ones. They want to impress others by donating large sums, but have no heart for those who really suffer. This is selfishness. They act on selfish motives. A truly charitable person should help those who are actually in need. He should be willing to help a needy man whether he is a relative or not. To possess such an unselfish loving heart, one should first learn to love his kith and kin. But it should also be noted that such a love should not confine itself to family circle. The right way to cultivate the charitable habit is to start living one’s kith and kin and gradually extend that live to those out asked the family. Such a person can love and sympathize with all those who deserve it. Only that sort of mentality can be called really charitable.

Charity Begins At Home.

“Charity begins at home”, is the famous phrase which completely suits to those people who have forgotten the real preferences in their life like family, closed relatives, society, community or their own country. They just help or donate money to others while their family members need them first; in fact completely depended on them. Here, we are providing you some essays on this phrase “charity begins at home”. Total five essays are given here divided into two categories; one is short essay on “Charity begins at home” and second is long essay on “Charity begins at home”.

Short Essay on Charity Begins at Home

In this category, three essays are given here in 100, 200, 300 words. All these essays have brief description on this phrase and fulfil the demand of relative information on “Charity begins at home”.

Charity Begins at Home Essay 1 (100 words)

“Charity begins at home” is a famous phrase having a deep essence of life. A person who is willing to help others should first assure the wellness of his or her family members. First priority of a person should be always his or her family and friends, if they are not in well situation then the helping and kind nature towards others of that person is useless and unworthy. Some people take it into another meaning of selfishness but this is the real fact of life. Being selfish for family and friends is not counted as wrong but its prime our duty to provide comfort to family members and closed relatives.


Charity Begins at Home Essay 2 (200 words)

Charity is the process of giving or helping someone either by money or by physical help. A real person is that who helps others but giving comfort to his or her family members or relatives too. Charity always should begins from home, if your family members or relatives are not in well condition and you are working for social services then it is your duty to first help your closer ones who are completely depended on you then should help others.

Some people who are selfish and help others for their personal advantage, this kind of people even forget the real meaning of charity, they just do a business deal in form of charity. A true person who is in favour of charity will always take care of his loved ones first and then help others physically or financially. Being polite, humble and generous to your family is the real meaning of charity begins at home. For a person who works outside the house for social services is primarily needed by his or her kids or elder person, this is the charity at home. Thus, family and your self is your first priority before helping and serving others.


Charity Begins at Home Essay 3 (300)

Charity is something like to offer money, essential goods or physical help to some poor people or people at particular places like orphanage, old age home, rescue camps or any other place. Some of the great people do charity with having a soft and kind feeling towards needy people and some selfish people just want to show off by offering money to these places, but in both cases it is necessary that they have completely satisfied and comfortable family members first before doing charity for others, and this is the real meaning of “Charity begins at home”.

A person is required to fulfil all the needs of his or her family members first. In spite of taking care of your family, if you are busy in social services then your all efforts are wasted and worthless. Charity should be from heart not from mind. Helping nature for other is a good quality in a person until his family or closed relatives are satisfied and happy with him.

Charity begins at home consist the different meaning of home. Here home is defined with different purposes like for someone meaning of home is by his own house, for some by his community, some by his society where they live and by some their most precious country. And this phrase “Charity begins at home is set for all. If our society needs us and we are going to help people of other society or other city then our all the efforts are useless; for example, in current time most of the youth generation prefer to go foreign countries for job purpose in spite of doing service for their own country from where they got education. This kind of self-centred nature of people needs to understand the real meaning of “Charity begins at home”.

Long Essays on Charity Begins at Home

In this category, two essays are given with detailed description on “charity begins at home” with 400 and 600 words count. Both the essays are written with keeping in mind the different requirement of various students. Thus essays are useful for all of you having different purposes.

Charity Begins at Home Essay 4 (400 words)

Charity is the activity which is done due to having feeling of kindness for the needy people in a person’s heart. But sometime it occurs due to the selfish nature of a person, who just wants to influence others by doing charity in terms of donation. “Charity begins at home” is the simple phrase of four words contains a huge explanation which defines the real meaning of charity and its different requirement for different people.

If a person is willing to help others either due to some kind of selfishness or for just self satisfaction, has to assure first that all people in his or her family are facilitated and comfortable. But, if his family needs that person for financial or physical help and he is busy in social services then all the efforts done by that person are completely not acceptable by all. Charity should always start from home, whether the meaning of home is by house or by country.

To help someone is the biggest quality of a person and everyone should follow this helping nature but not at the cost of your own family member’s happiness. Our family should be our first priority in all manners.

There are many charitable trusts running in India which provide food, clothes, education and shelter to those needy children and adults who are poor and alone in this world. These organizations require a huge amount of money for these kinds of services and many people help them by offering charity which is a good act for good cause. Charity is a good effort by people unless it affects negatively to their family members.

Charity begins at home also denotes some other examples at huge level, like for different countries the head of one country goes for the help of other countries without taking care of his country and its citizens, then this kind of social charity has no meaning. A country’s head has to first concentrate on the development of its own country then go for helping others.


Helping others instead of taking care of your loved ones is just a nature of selfishness which requires to be improved. A true charitable person always helps others including understanding the need and demand of his family and friends too.


Charity Begins at Home Essay 5 (600 words)


Charity is always a good thing that all people should do and advice others to do. In this world, many people are unfortunate who have lost their families and become alone. For these people many organizations are working, which are taking care of poor and helpless people. Here we are taking about the famous phrase “Charity begins at home” that is completely about donation or charity but also indicates the importance of family members in our life.

Charity influences and affects many people by different ways like positive impact of charity on those people who are helped and assisted but sometime, negative impact on those who are ignored and neglected due to this action of charity like own family members. Some people just forget that their family needs the more attention and also the money which they are donating to other places just for show off or due to the human nature of social worker. The phrase “Charity begins at home” completely suits these kinds of people.

Good person has always left good impression on others and their good actions like charity are counted as noble act and an inspiration for others. Feeling of real charity means a soft desire of a person, who wants to offer something to the needy people, while meeting the needs of his family first.

Nature of kindness of a person being in form of charity done for the noble cause is always good and should be followed by everyone. In fact, we should teach our children about the importance of charity which we do for the needy people. Charity should be always done in this manner that one hand could not get to know that other hand has donated something to the needy people. Various unfortunate people are residing in this world who are poor, helpless and alone in this world. Several places are made for the survival of these people which are known as orphanage, old age home or some organizations which are operating through charitable trust. To help these places, people should always contribute by offering money or some other essential things that those people require like clothes, food, education, toys and books for kids.

One thing that all should keep in mind before helping others that, your family members are fully comfortable and satisfied with all they have and doesn’t affect negatively by your charity. People who follow this rule are the real person and admirable by all.

Many situations come in life when you should think of yourself first, some people will refer it as selfishness but it is a prime concern to take care of your family and friends first before helping others and thus someone has truly said that “Charity begins at home”.

Another example of this phrase “Charity begins at home” can be defined in other way like now-a-days in our country, many people are preferred to work in foreign countries after completing education from here. In spite of helping in increasing the economy of our country by doing service here, people migrate to the other countries just because of the external beauty and advance technology of that country. Same as, a man who is living in a village before completing his education and after completing his studies he just moves to metro cities, in spite of doing services for his village or his home town he prefers to live and do a job in metro cities. These are the major and suitable examples of this phrase of “Charity begins at home”.


The home, the society and the country should be your first priority as people need your full support, efforts and consideration. We all should not neglect or ignore it, thus we say that charity begins at home. Once you ensure that your family, society or country are well established and in well situation then you can help others and do charity for them.

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